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Juni Klein is a Helsinki-based director and dramaturge, who studied directing at the Theatre Academy during 2003–2009. Klein works on a broad spectrum in the field of performing arts. Their work has been shown both in the fields of theatre and dance in Finland and abroad. During recent years they have directed, for example, WunderKinder (teater90°, 2016), Den Andra Naturen (Teater Viirus, 2018) and Sapiens – The story of a storytelling species (The Finnish National Theatre, 2019). Klein works as a frequent visiting lecturer at the departments of directing, dramaturgy, and choreography at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. They also work as one of the curators of Hangö Teaterträff Festival. 

In their artistic work Klein is interested in the queer gaze, and strives to examine humans as creatures connected with their environment, and in constant interaction with other living and non-living agents. To Klein, the use of intersectional feminist thinking and the rethinking of use of power, hierarchies, and working habits is central.

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