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How to surrender oneself to be moved by someone else?

          How to be moved by a thing rather than your own will?

One part strange spectacle on ice, one part slimy orgy. In Fluids, bodies are vulnerable, limited, and dissolve into each other.

In Fluids W A U H A U S creates an impossibly slippery stage for the bodies of the performers. The performance is enabled by J-Lube, a lubricant that creates a movement language continuosly fluxuating between clumsiness and gracefulness. Fluids invites the audience to encounter empathy, intimacy, and failure.

Fluids is a first time collaboration between the Finnish arts collective W A U H A U S, and Estonian dance production house  Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (STL). The performance features Estonian dancers Joanna Kalm, Karolin Poska, Sigrid Savi, Joonas Tagel and Swedish actress Salla Loper. The choreography for Fluids is created by Jarkko Partanen ja Anni Klein, scenography by Samuli Laine and sound design by Heidi Soidinsalo.


Authors-directors: Anni Klein, Jarkko Partanen
Performers: Joanna Kalm, Salla Loper, Karolin Poska, Sigrid Savi, Joonas Tagel
Sound designer: Heidi Soidinsalo
Light designer: Samuli Laine

dressmakers: Eeva Varmola and Suvi Försström
Production: STL, W A U H A U S
Supported by: Arts Promotion Center Finland, Estonian Cultural Endowment

Premiere: 3.5.2018 

festival appearances

9/2              Quarter Block Party, Cork, Ireland


29/11           XS – Festival for New Dance and Performance, Turku, Finland

11/5             New Baltic Dance, Vilnius, Lithuania

4/5               Narva Vaba Lava, Estonia

21–22/9       STL, Tallinn
26–27/9       ZIL, Moscow
3/10             Gertrūdes ielas teātris, Riga
29–30/11     STL, Tallinn


"FLUIDS is not only an exploration of form but also and especially a sociological declaration, because every model of society and every political conviction is founded on some concept of the human, and FLUIDS embodies, incarnates, a concept of the human that emphasizes weakness, the need for cooperation, and the slipperiness and contingency of the boundaries between individuals. And the piece doesn’t just emphasize weakness, it celebrates it."

- Teemu Mäki, Finnish Dance in Focus


”Liukastelu mahdollistaa vähäeleisden ja elegantinkin liikkeen, mutta liukkaan lattian arvaamattomuus ja maiskahtelevat kehot tuottavat tanssiin jatkuvasti myös karnevalisten tason. Kiinnostavimpia osia ovat tanssijoiden kontaktit, joissa inhimmilliseen kohtaamiseen ja kosketukseen yhdistyy välillä vierauttavakin, outo liukkaus.”

- Sini Herranen, Turun Sanomat


This performance is available for touring. Please contact for further information!

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