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Heidi klein 

Heidi Klein is a performance about names. It is a personal story about the lives of Heidi Soidinsalo (formerly Lind) and Anni Klein (formerly Ojanen). Both artists changed their last names for this performance. During the performance Klein attempts to create a new artistic identity to better suite her new name by surfing on the internet and browsing through e-mails, videos and websites found via her personal computer. Soidinsalo tries to deconstruct Johanna Spyri's children's story "Heidi" using noise music and sound art. The audience is also given a choice of two other optional soundtracks; philosophers Tuomas Nevanlinna and Jukka Relander discussing the performance's themes in the form of a radio talkshow, and Johanna Spyri's story of Heidi in its unblemished form. Each member of the audience is given a headset, so that they can freely choose what they would like to listen to. The visual and auditive collage attempts to create a metaphor of the human identity's multilayered nature and parallel structure.               
Premier 7th of November 2012



Concept and performance: Anni Klein (formerly Ojanen) and Heidi Soidinsalo (formerly Lind)                   
Lighting and spatial design: Jani-Matti Salo (formerly Kinkku)
Video design: Ville Vierikko, Anni Klein and Heidi Soidinsalo
Radio philosophers: Jukka Relander and Tuomas Nevanlinna
Production: Heidi Klein, Baltic Circle Festival