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Heidi Soidinsalo (née Lind, b.1983) is a Helsinki-based sound designer, sound artist, and performance maker. Soidinsalo became a Master of Theater Arts in 2009. She has since worked actively as a sound designer in the field of contemporary theater and dance, as well as a musician, sound artist, dramaturge, and performer. Her work has been heard both in the Finnish National Theater’s stages and on the fringe of contemporary performance art. In 2013 Soidinsalo was awarded the prize for Best Sound Design of the Year in Finland for her work on Play Alter Native for Theater Viirus. In addition to creating performances, Soidinsalo has broadened her work in the field by teaching and writing about sound design as an integral part of theatre as an art form. In 2014 a book called “Ääneen ajateltua - kirjoituksia äänestä, esityksestä ja niiden kohtaamisista” (Thinking out loud - essays on sound, performances, and their encounters) was published by the Theater Academy Finland. Soidinsalo was both the editor and one of the eleven writers who contributed articles to the book, which aims to examine the relationship between performance and sound design, and broaden the field of written work about sound design as an art form.

Soidinsalo worked as lecturer of sound design at the Theatre Academy  (University of Arts) in Helsinki from 2015-2016. She has been a regular guest lecturer at the Academy since 2010. The courses she teaches include subjects such as: performing with sound (focusing on text-sound art), introduction to sound design (for sound designers or specialized courses on the subject for set designers, choreographers, dancers, directors, dramaturges etc.), writing about sound design, and sound based concepts as a starting point for performances (together with Anni Klein, the course is intended especially for directors, performers and sound designers). Soidinsalo has mentored many students with both their artistic and written BA or MA works from 2010->.

In 2015 Soidinsalo was part of the Finnish section at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. Soidinsalo's and her colleagues' work was awarded the Gold Medal for Best Use of Media in Performance Design. The Finnish entry was also nominated for the Golden Triga for the Best Exhibition of 2015. The documentation of Soidinsalo's work for the PQ exhibition can be found at