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Jarkko Partanen

Jarkko Partanen is Helsinki based choreographer and performer. He is a member of the  W A U H A U S - arts collective. In the past years he's been interested in creating extraordinary conditions on stage which challenge both the body of the performer and the perception of the audience members. Constructed with different materialities, moving darkness, and slippery surfaces these conditions strive towards a performance that seeks to stimulate all your senses. 


Pleasure and play are present both on and off-stage in his work with the body. Partanen is also one of the founders of Wonderlust, a festival of conscious and diverse sexuality. In the context of the festival his work has turned towards more sexpositive practises and to the questions of desire and consent.   


Partanen works as a frequent visiting lecturer at the departments of dance, choreography and theatre at the University of the Arts Theatre Academy in Helsinki. His works and collaborations have been presented, at among others, at the National Theatre of Finland, Zodiak - Center for New Dance (FIN), Kiasma Theatre (FIN), Helsinki-festival (FIN), ANTI-festival (FIN), Kanuti Gildi SAAL (EE), Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (EE), Baltoscandal-festival (EE), ICE HOT- Nordic Dance Platform (NO&IS), New Baltic Dance Platform (LIT), Santarcangelo-festival (IT), Meteor-festival (NO), Tanzmainz-festival (DE)  and Vooruit (BE).

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