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Jarkko Partanen

Jarkko  Partanen (b.1985) is a Helsinki-based choreographer and performer.  In 2012 he graduated from the MA Choreography program at the Theatre Academy of Helsinki. Prior to this he studied at Laban in London and at the MA SODA in Berlin.

Partanen's works/collaborations have been ranging from finding tenderness and negotiation in power play to celebrating fragility and failure in a sports arena. In Finland his works have been shown at Zodiak - Center for New Dance and festivals like the Side Step - Festival, Helsinki-festival and ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival. In 2014 his collaboration DIG MY JOCKEY - Live version was selected for the Aerowaves top 20 list. At the moment Partanen is interested in analyzing and reworking the structures that govern and effect his and his colleaques work. He thinks collaboration and open dialogue have been have been key factors in his artistic work and is interested in creating more tools and and spaces for sharing and dialogue.     

Partanen is also one of the founding members and organizers of the Wonderlust-festival. Wonderlust celebrates diverse and conscious sexuality. Bringing together straights and queers, sex activists and curious neophytes, kinks and shy ones, Wonderlust serves as a hub for a diverse community. It also invites those, who haven’t considered being part of a sex festival before.