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Jussi Matikainen

Jussi Matikainen is a Helsinki-based sound designer, musician, and performer. He graduated from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki in 2011. Matikainen has worked in different working groups in the fields of theatre, dance, and music for ten years. His works have been presented at various venues both in Finland and abroad (Zodiak, The Finnish National Theatre, Kiasma Theatre, ICE HOT, NORDWIND, Aerowaves, Edinburgh Fringe, Side Step Festival, Helsinki Festival, ANTI Festival).  In 2019 Matikainen was given the award for Sound Design of the Year by the Finnish Association of Lighting, Sound, and Video Designers. 


In his artistic work Matikainen wants to examine the stage as a place in which our diverse relationships with the living and non-living structures surrounding us can be recognized and made visible. Thinking through the medium of sound is natural for him. Matikainen is interested in approaching the performance as a thick, complex entanglement of times and spaces, which sound can help materialize into an auditive form. In his practice he strives to ask, how can we rearrange our ways of working by making power structures visible? This question is preceded by a need to foster his own agency as a performance maker and facilitator of art, and as an enabler of new ways of thinking.

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