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Photo: Laura Haapakangas

Upcoming Playhouse Trondheim at Multiplíe Dance Festival, Trondheim 


Playhouse is an event which offers a chance for reconnecting with our bodies and desires. A space for letting go, a safer meeting place with a different rhythm. In Play House there is a guided programme where you are invited to make new connections through physical contact with other visitors.


In Playhouse this can be for example  a hug, a slow dance, or gentle fight through which we practise consent and expressing our desires. Everything happens with your consent and you are free to choose which encounters you want to take part in. All it takes is to follow simple instructions guided by the artists and freely join in the activities in progress. There are no requirements for participation: you don’t need to have any special skills or experiences to take part, just curiosity.  


You can visit Playhouses on different days during the festival. Visitors can come in and leave the space at any time when Playhouse is open, but please be respectful to what’s going on while entering and exiting.   

Playhouse at Multiplié Dance Festival 29.–30.3.2022

Concept: Jarkko Partanen

With: Jarkko Partanen 

Scenography: Laura Haapakangas   

Production: WAUHAUS, Santarcangelo Festival (IT) & Vooruit (BE).  

Supported by: Arts Promotion Center Finland and Nordic Culture Point 

Sposored by:




Playhouse & Hard Play House 2019  

Vooruit (BE) 


Playhouse was presented as part of With Pleasure -festival. In addition to the Playhouse the festival goers also had a chance to participate in Hard Playhouse. In Hard Playhouse we play with more sexpositive practises and a hint more play and kink — gentle exercises about domination and submission, maybe some light whipping or turning a stranger into a mummy with cling film. 


Concept: Jarkko Partanen

With: Jarkko Partanen & Anni Puolakka 

Production: WAUHAUS, Santarcangelo-festival and Vooruit   

Supported by: Arts Promotion Center Finland 


Playhouse 2017 

Santarcangelo-festival (IT) 


Premiere: 7th of July 2017 at the Santarcangelo Festival

Concept: W A U H A U S

Performance: Anna Maria Häkkinen, Anni Klein & Jarkko Partanen 

Production:  Santarcangelo Festival & W A U H A U S


Previous versions of Playhouse

Photo:Jarkko Partanen
Photo :  Diàne
Photo :  Diàne
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