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A lubealicious summer in Paris!

This summer Paris will be wet and slippery. Our spectacle Fluids arrives at the Festival Paris l´été. Fluids has four shows at the festival between 19–22 July, which will spread all around the city for three weeks.

Photo: Katri Naukkarinen Fluids is a one part strange spectacle on ice, one part slimy orgy. In Fluids, bodies are vulnerable, limited, and dissolve into each other.

In Fluids WAUHAUS creates an impossibly slippery stage for the bodies of the performers. The performance is enabled by J-Lube, a lubricant that creates a movement language continuosly fluxuating between clumsiness and gracefulness. Fluids invites the audience to encounter empathy, intimacy, and failure.

Fluids is a coproduction between Estonian Soltumatu Tantsu Lava and WAUHAUS.

Shows in Paris l’été Festival at Theatre Lycée Decour, 12 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris 19.7. at 20

20.7. at 20

21.7. at 20

22.7. at 20

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