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Come to play!

Playhouse by WAUHAUS on 29.–30.3. at the Multiplié dance festival in Trondheim, Norway.

Photo: Katri Naukkarinen Playhouse is a moment for reconnecting with our bodies and desires. It is a guided journey to make new connections with one another through physical contact.

In Playhouse the connection can manifest as a hug, a slow dance, a gentle fight or anything we agree on. Playhouse is a practice of consent and expressing our desires. It is a safe space to find a path to pleasure through physical connection.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Multiplié presents dance and choreography that stretches the understanding of dance. The festival is organized by DansiT. Playhouse was first introduced in Santarcangelo Festival, Italy in 2017.

Playhouse at Multiplié 29.–30.3.2022

Venue: Arena, Sal 2, possibility to participate and leave at all times when open.

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