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WAUHAUS part of GRAND OPENING exhibition OF the Space for science and hope - Puistokatu 4

photo: Heidi Soidinsalo WAUHAUS is part of the grand opening exhibition “14 Rooms” at the newly renovated Puistokatu 4 – a Space for Science and Hope. The century old mansion, located in the Kaivopuisto district in Helsinki, Finland, is an event space and safe space for research, work and discourse on the current ecological crisis.

Puistokatu 4 is a joint project between the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation and Maj and Thor Nessling Foundation. WAUHAUS members Samuli Laine and Heidi Soidinsalo have created an installation called Treehouse as part of an immersive exhibition that takes over the entire mansion. Recycling elements from previous works by WAUHAUS, Treehouse seeks to reflect our interconnectedness to our surroundings and other species. Visitors are invited into a tent to view a recording of a talk by evolutionary biologist Aura Raulo that is accompanied by video material created by Jonathan Sundström.

Treehouse has been created from materials made in collaboration with others for WAUHAUS’ previous works. They have now been made into a tent, a video and a soundscape.

Concept & creation: Heidi Soidinsalo & Samuli Laine

Video lecture: Aura Raulo at the event A Messy Seminar (WAUHAUS, HAM, Helsinki Biennial)

Additional video material: Jonatan Sundström. The material is excess from videos recorded for a video work made in collaboration with Helsinki Art Museum. The finished video will premiere at HAM in 2023.

Crafting of tent and pillow cases: Eeva Varmola

Tent fabric: from the performance Sapiens – The story of a storytelling species (The Finnish National Theatre in collaboration with Zodiak and WAUHAUS, based on Yuval Noah Harari’s original work, adaptation and performance script by Minna Leino)

The exhibition 14 Rooms is open August 8th to 21st, every day at 10–17

Free of charge

Address: Puistokatu 4, Helsinki, Finland

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