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Who is the event for?

For people who want to promote the wellbeing of individuals, societies and environments. For people who feel they already do this work through, for example, their art, as part of organizations, institutions, or communities. For people who are interested in practicing and promoting care as a starting point and aim of social influencing. For people who yearn for and seek out reparatory ways of reacting to destruction and destructive politics.


Who is organizing the event?

Aliisa Talja is a multidisciplinary artist and facilitator, who works with questions of relativity, proximity, and care. Aliisa has years of experience with collective activities, organizing workshops, as well as investigating and developing feminist modes of action.


Samuli Laine  is a scenographer and performance maker, and a member of both WAUHAUS collective and Reality Research Center. Lately Samuli has been interested in utopias, economy, and gardening.


W A U H A U S is a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary arts collective. The works of WAUHAUS are situated between different genres of art and take place at various venues from small black box theatres to urban sites, large stadiums, and the main stages of established theatre houses. The members of WAUHAUS are scenographer Laura Haapakangas, director Anni Klein, scenographer Samuli Laine, sound designer Jussi Matikainen, choreographer Jarkko Partanen, new media artist Jani-Matti Salo, sound designer Heidi Soidinsalo and producer Julia Hovi


Vuotalo on Helsingin kulttuurin ja vapaa-ajan toimialan kulttuurikeskus Vuosaaressa, itä-Helsingissä. Ohjelmassa on monipuolisesti kulttuuritapahtumia, vaihtuvia näyttelyjä galleriassa sekä taidekasvatustoimintaa lapsille, nuorille, päiväkodeille ja kouluille.


What will happen at the event?

Participants are expected to have a willingness and ability to listen, participate in simple physical or thought exercises (without interaction), take part in guided discussions with other participants, reflect, and if they want to, take notes. The event includes breaks for eating together.


What does it mean that the event is held in both Finnish and English? 

We will work primarily in Finnish, but some of the talks/facilitation will be in English. We will arrange an interpreter if necessary. This will be determined after the participants for the event have been chosen.


How will the attendees for the Spheres of Care event be chosen? 

Spheres of Care is an event with a limited number of participants. We hope however that the themes of the event will spread out as wide as possible and support individuals who currently work with influencing societal affairs. If more people apply for the event than there are places, we will choose participants based on these perspectives.


In addition, we hope that the event will bring together a multitude of knowledge gathered through different life experiences. Another guideline for our choices is the diversity of participants: we encourage individuals of all genders and minorities to apply, regardless of ethnicity, religion, special needs or age. If we have to choose, we will aim to gather a group of people that is as diverse as possible.


Why am I asked to explain my motivation to participate?

We believe that it may benefit both us and yourself. By being aware of how the matters this event deals with connect to knowledge you already have, you may get more out of the experience. On the other hand, it is important for us to understand what others interested in care are curious about and be aware of the various starting points participants have for dealing with the different topics.

Why will the event prioritize participants that can attend for three days?

The event is an entirety: the program for each day compliments the rest. We hope that attendees can participate for the duration of the event and we will favor attendees who can take part in all three days. We do understand that especially certain responsibilities or care may make this impossible. Participation for one or two days is therefore possible too. However, participating in only some part of the program on a specific day is not possible. 

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