teater 90°'s production WunderKinder is a site-specific theatrical performance about aspiration, fatigue and resistance in the workplace. Production is made in collaboration with W A U H A U S and Stage-festival. By mixing design aesthetics with contemporary working life discourse, WunderKinder investigates the neoliberal ecosystem, where work seems to have colonized every aspect of life. In a trendy spa-like office a group of young creatives embody the current culture of “hard work” that is beginning to take the proportions of a religious cult. As the pace constantly rises, conflicts escalate, and it becomes increasingly impossible for anyone to “keep calm and carry on”.


Text: Johannes Ekholm

Director: Anni Klein

Sound design: Heidi Soidinsalo feat. Tatu Nenonen

Scenography: Laura Haapakangas and Kristian Palmu

Producer: Annina Blom

On stage: Edith Holmström, Gogo Idman, Robert Kock, Iida Kuningas, Markus Riuttu

PRODUCTION: teater 90° in co-operation with: W A U H A U S & Stage-festivaali
VENUE: Office space on Fleminginkatu 10, Helsinki
PERFORMANCES: Premiere: 17.8.2016, 

19.8 / 21.8 / 23.8 / 24.8 / 25.8 / 27.8 / 29.8 @ 19.00



Eugéne, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygréns stiftelse

Stiftelsen Emilie och Rudolf Gelessius fond

Svensa teaterföreningen

Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse

William Thurings stiftelse

W A U H A U S: Wunderkinder
W A U H A U S: Wunderkinder
W A U H A U S: Wunderkinder
W A U H A U S: Wunderkinder
W A U H A U S: Wundewunderkinder_134
W A U H A U S: Wunderkinder
W A U H A U S: Wunderkinder
W A U H A U S: Wunderkinder


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WunderKinder Teaser Trailer #1

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W A U H A U S: Wunderkinder

Photo by: Katri Naukkarinen